How to install Cyberpanel in DigitalOcean VPS ? 100$ Free Credit

In this guide, you will learn How to Install CyberPanel in DigitalOcean VPS? Digital Ocean is a cloud server hosting. You can install WordPress on Digital Ocean, but you should know a little coding for it. You need to write the command in the console. Managing applications like WordPress, GitLab, magneto on Digital Ocean is very difficult. But you can easily manage all these applications with the help of a cyber panel.

How to install Cyberpanel in DigitalOcean VPS
How to install Cyberpanel in DigitalOcean VPS

What is CyberPanel And its Benefit?

The CyberPanel image provides a One-Click installer to automatically install OpenLiteSpeed, LSCache, WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla and contains all of the essential features, including HTTP/3 support. It also automates the initial setup for components like Mail service and DNS, to reduce the time it takes to get set up for hosting.


  • Redis Mass Hosting
  • Imunify360 Integration
  • Git Manager
  • CloudFlare DNS Synchronization
  • Web Based Terminal
  • Docker Manager.
  • Different Level Of users.
  • Auto SSL.
  • FTP Server.
  • Light weight DNS Server (PowerDNS).
  • PHPMYAdmin.
  • Email Support (Rainloop).
  • File Manager.
  • PHP Management.
  • Firewall.
  • One click Backup and Restore.
  • One click conversion from OpenLiteSpeed to LiteSpeed Enterprise.
  • Auto Backups to DigitalOcean Spaces.

How to Install Cyberpanel in DigitalOcean VPS

  • Create an account on Digital Ocean.
  • Login to account
  • Then click on the marketplace. Search ‘Cyberpanel’ there. Then click on Create a Cyberpanel droplet.
  • Select the plan, then select a location, then enter the root password. You have to remember the root password.
  • Now, wait for a while. After the droplet is created, you have to click on the droplet.
  • Then you will see the option of the console there.
  • After the console opens, you have to write the root in the username and the password in the password.
  • You have to press enter by typing the command below.
sudo cat .litespeed_password
  • Password will be displayed in the console. Save that password in Notepad.

How to open CyberPanel dashboard ?

To open the Cyberpanel dashboard, you have to press enter by typing https://youripaddress:8090 in the browser.

Write the admin in the username, and in the password, write the password that was saved in your notepad.

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